Consulting Services

Understand your business goals, offer expert advice, recommend best practices, and deliver the right solutions to address your needs.

During a consulting engagement, we would work directly with you to better understand your business, your goals and objectives, and your problems. During our sessions, we would offer you expert advice, best practices, and options to solution your needs. A preliminary consultation is included in all new web development projects. Extended consulting services are available upon request.


When we start a new project, we try to collect as much information from you as possible before we start building the solution. If we wait until last minute or ask while we are building, some of the completed work may have to change which could ultimately impact cost and timeline to deliver.

During this stage, we normally have a conversation with you based on your preferred method of contact. Don’t worry. We won’t take up much of your time. We’ve streamlined our process so that only relevant questions are asked.


After Discovery, we can finalize on your business requirements. We take what we learned during Discovery and build a solid list of your needs as business requirements.

Once you agree to the requirements, internally we establish technical requirements and create a preliminary schedule to track the progress of your project.

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