Website Development

Building interactive and informative websites that strengthens your brand, increases awareness, and improves customer engagement.

Today, we live in a world of technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone, communicate through texting and video chat, go online to search for stores and restaurants, check out reviews, and get referrals to find the best places to go. Our goal is to design or redesign your business website that is attractive, professional, and responsive. We pride ourselves in building high quality websites that strengthens your brand, increase awareness, and inform your customers.

Site Layout

Depending on the complexity of the website, we may create a site layout and review it with you before we start designing the website. A site layout includes standard elements such as header, footer, copyright, navigation menu, company logo, and more. Additional custom elements will be inserted into the layout that is specific to your business.


During the Analysis portion of Consulting, we will identify specific features to fulfill your requirements. This could include a contact form that store entries, a system to manage and display testimonials, a system to manage and display a restaurant menu, integration with MLS, and more. Some features are only available upon request.

Content Creation

Although we can help recommend some content for your website, majority of the content is provided by you. Because every business is unique, your creative content will shine and make your website stand out above all others. In addition, although we do offer stock images, we encourage using real images to create uniqueness.

Proof of Concept

When it comes to designing an entire website, we would first build the site layout and then create 2 to 3 web pages for your review. This Proof of Concept will allow us to get your feedback and determine changes we need to make. Once you agree with the layout, structure, color, and style, we will continue our design and complete the rest of the website.

User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is critical as this is the final stage before your website is published and available to the public. We will work with you to thoroughly test everything. This includes testing across multiple browsers, across multiple devices, consistency across web pages, and the checkout process for Ecommerce to make sure payments are successfully captured. 


When user acceptance testing is completed, we will publish your website into production. Sometimes, however, the process could get complicated because of existing situations or other parties are involved. Don’t worry, we will adapt to your situation and work directly with other parties if required. 

Web Design Features

Web Page Design

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Web Security

Content Management

Social Media Integration

Google Map Integration

Web Analytics

Image Optimization

Photo Gallery

Image Slider

MLS Integration

Theme Customization

Contact Form

Embedded Video

RSS Integration

Event Calendar

Streaming Integration

Restaurant Menu

Testimonial Management

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